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Template for Crusade Distances Spreadsheet

Page history last edited by PBworks 17 years, 4 months ago
Leg of JourneyDistance
Lyon, France - Torino, Italy
Torino, Italy - Pisa, Italy
Pisa, Italy - Genova, Italy
Genova, Italy - Rome, Italy
Rome, Italy - Bari, Italy
Bari, Italy - Durres, Albania
Durres, Albania - Ohrid, Macedonia
Ohrid, Macedonia - Thessaloniki, Greece
Thessaloniki, Greece - Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey)
Constantinople (Istanbul, Turkey) - Pendik, Turkey
Pendik, Turkey - Izmit, Turkey
Izmit, Turkey - Iznik Turkey
Iznik Turkey - Beylikahir, Turkey
Beylikahir, Turkey - Aksehir, Turkey
Aksehir, Turkey - Dedeler, Konya Turkey
Dedeler, Konya Turkey - Pozanti, Turkey
Pozanti, Turkey - Tarsus, Turkey
Tarsus, Turkey - Antioch, Syria
Antioch, Syria - Homs, Syria
Homs, Syria - Tripoli, Lebanon
Tripoli, Lebanon - Beirut , Lebanon
Beirut , Lebanon - Sidon, Lebanon
Sidon, Lebanon - Tyre, Lebanon
Tyre, Lebanon - Akko, Israel
Akko, Israel - Yafo, Israel
Yafo, Israel - Jerusalem, Israel
Total Distance

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